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We are pleased to announce that the Vegan Society in the United Kingdom has registered SpaRitual as a member of their unique, prestigious organization.

About The Vegan Society

Founded in 1944, The Vegan Society provides advice on ways of living free of animal products for the benefit of people, animals and the planet. 

For more information visit www.vegansociety.co.uk

Our award winning U.K. Distributor, NSI, worked with the Vegan Society by providing extensive reports and detailed ingredient information on the SpaRitual line. NSI is a leading distributor of SpaRitual in the UK, and we appreciate their support of SpaRitual and their awareness of eco-friendly alternatives in the luxury spa industry. 

Vegan Ingredients Sourced with Awareness

All SpaRitual products are 100% vegan – our experts have sourced safe and effective vegan alternatives to animal-derived ingredients found in many beauty care products.


UK dietary calories from animal products have fallen 25% in 25 years as millions of people attempt to follow Government advice and adopt a healthier, more plant rich diet.


Concern about factory farming and animal welfare has never been greater.